Academic/research position request - Dr. Evgeny Apartsin

Dear COSTers,
our friend, colleague and super-active Action member, Dr. Evgeny Apartsin (WG2 vice-leader) from Russia, has terminated his Marie Curie Individual Fellowship in France and, due to the terrible ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine, is currently seeking a position in another European research/academic facility.

Being a Russian citizen, Dr. Apartsin did not support the politics of the Russian government of the last decade. In particular, he stands against the Russian aggression of Ukraine.

Here is a declaration offered by Evgeny:  "Personally, I think that citizenship and political position have nothing to do with real professionalism. I do understand concerns towards Russians but I disapprove the ban of scientists. These are the only people who try to maintain some bridges. I know that from my own experience after 2014."

Dr. Apartsin's CV can be downloaded from this page.

Please help us in finding an honorable position for this young and very promising nanomedicine scientist.


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