The 2nd STSM Conference is here!

Dear COSTers,
we are pleased to announce our upcoming 2nd STSM Conference that will be held online on February 23, 2023, from 9 am to 20 pm CET.

To attend the meeting, please use the link below:

Go to 2nd STSM Conference

The program of the Conference can be downloaded from this page.

All presentations and abstracts will be collected and posted on the event dedicated page.

We hope to see you all at this important event!

Stakeholder one-day event Nano to Clinic – Synergies for Clinical Translation of Nanotechnology in Cancer Therapies

Dear COSTers,

on behalf of the COST Action ‘Cancer nanomedicine - from the bench to the bedside’ (Nano2Clinics) and the Horizon2020 EU-funded project ‘Pharmaceutical Open Innovation Test Bed for Enabling Nanopharmaceutical Innovative Products’ (Phoenix) we invite you to attend the Stakeholder one-day event Nano to Clinic – Synergies for Clinical Translation of Nanotechnology in Cancer Therapies that these two EU-funded initiatives are organizing on March 3, 2023, in Zagreb (Croatia).

The first newsletter about the event and the final meeting program can be downloaded from this page. More info will be posted on the dedicated event page on our website.

This stakeholder event aims at strengthening relations between industry, R&D&I sector, regulatory agencies, clinics, and patients with the ultimate goal to foster the clinical translation of nanomedicine from bench to bedside. By promoting scientific exchanges, technological implementation and innovative solutions, the meeting will enable dialogue for rationalizing and focusing research efforts at the EU level in dealing with the grand challenge of nanomedicine translation for cancer therapies.

The event will focus on several factors that needs to be discussed and considered in order to achieve the best societal impact avoiding and minimizing the negative ones:

1)    Safety aspects: by discussing the best practices for the application of the Safe-by-Design concept during early stages of development and production of novel medical nanoproducts.

2)    Regulatory aspects: by discussing necessary steps for regulatory acceptance of novel nanoproducts.

3)    Training and education aspects for a solid skilled workforce and patients: by facilitating and expanding cross-disciplinary training for researchers, medical care providers, public health professionals working in industry, government, and academia, as well as for patients.

The meeting is planned in presence in Zagreb, and we look forward to your attendance.

For those who cannot attend, there is the link to aprticipate to the event virtually:

In case you are interested in attending the event, please contact the local Organizer Dr. Ivana Vinković Vrček at

Upcoming CA17140 2nd Training school

Dear COSTers,

we are pleased to announce our upcoming CA17140 2nd Training School, entitled: Preclinical and clinical methods in cancer nanomedicine research.
The School will be held on March 13-14, 2023 at the Institute of Oncology Research (IOR), Bellinzona, Switzerland.

The field of nanomedicine has seen substantial progress in the last few years. Many products have reached the market or are under clinical investigation, and many more nanomedicine-based therapeutics are in development and undergoing preclinical evaluation. Nanomedicine may revolutionize cancer treatment, moving it toward the era of precision cancer medicine.
Improving methods and approaches for preclinical and clinical investigation is a strategic need for the nanomedicine field, particularly for oncological applications. The 2-day Training School, organized by WG3 and WG4 of the Nano2Clinic COST Action, will feature presentations and practical sessions on the methodological approaches and technologies available for advanced preclinical and clinical studies of cancer nanomedicines and an overview of the stakeholders in the field at academic and industrial levels. The intent is to provide an opportunity for young scientists to interact with expert researchers and discuss various techniques and applications, from the biological and functional characterization of nanomaterials to anticancer efficacy studies in cell cultures and in vivo models and the planning of early-phase clinical trials.

All interested participants are strongly invited to use the registration form, available for download from this page, and follow the instructions therein to submit their application.

The deadline to submit the registration form for the training school is 15th January 2023, and the number of available COST grants to attend the school is limited! So hurry up and good luck.


Open Research Europe - the EC Open Access platform for free OA publications

Dear COSTers,

the European Commission (EC) has recently opened Open Research Europe, the EC's fully open access publishing platform, to allow researchers on COST action projects to publish their results on this platform. Please find more information here.

Open Research Europe offers an innovative and transparent open science publishing model which allows researchers to publish a broader range of research outputs than traditional journals, at no cost to the author(s). 

Open Research Europe has been recently accepted for indexation in Scopus, alongside existing indexation in the Directory of Open Access Journals and Google Scholar. The EC has recently listed a few additional benefits when publishing on Open Research Europe, which include:

· Cost-free and rapid open access publication.

· Post-publication peer review that facilitates open and constructive dialogue.

· Multiple article types, allowing grant holders to publish throughout the life cycle of their project.

· Transparent, open access and compliant with the European Commission’s publishing and data requirements.

Accordingly, your Chair encourages you to consider Open Research Europe as a possible venue for publishing your upcoming Nano2Clinic efforts!

CA17140 Final Conference in Rome is here!

Dear COSTers,
our CA17140 Final Conference will be held in Rome, Italy, on October 25-26, 2022. The in person event will take place at the University Conference Center, University of Rome La Sapienza, via Salaria 113, 00198 Rome, Italy and concomitantly in live streaming for all of you who would like to join us!

To access the event remotely, please follow the link:

Meeting ID: 367 473 789 776 
Access code: JSW65J

The final program is available on the dedicated webpage and features 10 keynote lectures, 16 oral in person presentations and 5 oral remote communications, covering all topics of our 4 WGs. The list of speakers is a blend of senior scientists, young researchers/innovators and representatives from SMEs.

The Book of Abstracts can also be downloaded from the dedicated webpage.

Other fundamental information about the event are also available on the dedicated webpages.

Join us and contribute to make this event another CA17140 success!


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