Industrial Partners Workshop Series

First Workshop Series
First Workshop Series
Second Workshop Series
Second Workshop Series

Dear COSTers,

Two virtual workshops MEET OUR INDUSTRIAL PARTNERS will be held on Thursday 23/9 at 5-6 pm CET and Thursday 30/9 at 5-6p m CET.


The industrial partners who kindly agreed to participate in the workshops and their contributions are:

WS on Thursday 23/9 at 5-6 pm CET

Phoenix Open Innovation Test Bed for GMP Manufacturing of Nanopharmaceuticals
Dr. Nazende Günday-Türeli, MyBiotec, Germany

Lipid Nanoparticles methods, characteristics, and applications in drug delivery
Dr. Paolo Gasco, Nanovector, Italy

Safety-by-design – important cornerstones on the way to the (nano)market
Dr. Susanne Resch, BioNanoNet, Austria

WS on Thursday 30/9 at 5-6 pm CET

Preclinical toxicity studies at Cellvax
Dr. Mingxing Wei, CellVax, France

Biomedical applications of thick film technology
Dr. Marin Gheorghe, NANOM MEMS, Romania

The REFINE Decision Support System (DSS) for cost-efficient preclinical assessment of nano(bio)materials used in the medical sector
Dr. Lisa Pizzol, GreenDecision, Italy

You can access the recordings of our Industrial Partners Workshop Series -September 2021 by clicking on this link.

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