Open Research Europe - the EC Open Access platform for free OA publications

Dear COSTers,

the European Commission (EC) has recently opened Open Research Europe, the EC's fully open access publishing platform, to allow researchers on COST action projects to publish their results on this platform. Please find more information here.

Open Research Europe offers an innovative and transparent open science publishing model which allows researchers to publish a broader range of research outputs than traditional journals, at no cost to the author(s). 

Open Research Europe has been recently accepted for indexation in Scopus, alongside existing indexation in the Directory of Open Access Journals and Google Scholar. The EC has recently listed a few additional benefits when publishing on Open Research Europe, which include:

· Cost-free and rapid open access publication.

· Post-publication peer review that facilitates open and constructive dialogue.

· Multiple article types, allowing grant holders to publish throughout the life cycle of their project.

· Transparent, open access and compliant with the European Commission’s publishing and data requirements.

Accordingly, your Chair encourages you to consider Open Research Europe as a possible venue for publishing your upcoming Nano2Clinic efforts!

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