Submitted by Prof Sabrina Pricl on Thu, 23/07/2020 - 11:32

Dear COSTers,

this is to announce the opening of our Action 5th STSM call. Please read carefully the relevant pdf document available for download in ths page.

Hoping you are safe from this global pandemic, we wish you a happy summer and a successful STSM application!

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STSM Call_5.pdf (167.5 KB)

Open PhD position - Biomimetic nanostructures for medical applications

Submitted by Prof Sabrina Pricl on Tue, 16/06/2020 - 14:01

Dear COSTers,

our colleague and COST member Nina Kostevsek has an open PhD position at the Josef Stefan Institute in Ljubljana (SL) on the topic "Biomimetic nanostructures for medical applications".

All application details can be found on the leaftlet downloadable from this page or by contacting Nina at

Application deadline: July 10, 2020.

Good luck!

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ALERT - Information about COST activities in the context of Coronavirus outbreak

Submitted by Prof Sabrina Pricl on Tue, 10/03/2020 - 12:20

COST Association briefing on COVID-19

Update from 27 January 2020

Following the communication released on Tuesday 25 February 2020, COST follows the advice of public health authorities such as the World Health Organisation (WHO) and national Ministries.

The COST Association is fully dependent and bound to the contractual agreement with the European Commission. As per rules in this agreement, cases of force majeure will be applicable only where participants are forced to cancel their travel due to circumstances out of their control (e.g. national decisions to quarantine specific areas, block borders…). In such cases, “force majeure” will be used to cover otherwise non refundable amounts.

Decisions to cancel travels due to fear of infection, may not be considered as force majeure.

Should the instructions from public health authorities evolve and the European Commission (our funder) make a general decision to cover globally the current situation under force majeure, then force majeure will apply to all cancellations. This is not the case as of now.

National authorities do provide instructions on how to handle suspicious cases. Those instructions must be followed in all cases.

With regards to the conduct of activities in the frame of the COST Action, common sense prevails to decide to continue with an activity, to modify its venue or to postpone it. For the moment, there is no provision to suspend activities or extend period nor to carry forward unspent funding due to potential cases of COVID-19.

Please check regularly the information and advice given on the respective national Ministries’ websites.

24 February 2020

COST Action participants have raised questions with regard to international travel and the risk of infection from the coronavirus.

COST follows the advice of public health authorities such as the World Health Organisation (WHO) and national Ministries.

The WHO, in its update from 27 January 2020, advises that “measures to limit the risk of exportation or importation of the disease should be implemented, without unnecessary restrictions of international traffic.” ( 

In the current situation, no cancellation of COST meetings or other collaboration activities is required. Should specific measures which would require cancellation of COST activities be implemented in some European Regions, “force majeure” as defined in the COST Vademecum (5.1.5.section 2) will apply.

COST invites Action Chairs and Grant Holders to inform their Science Officer and Science Administrator of any official measure taken by national ministry that might have an impact on the conduct of a COST activity.

Action participants must follow the regional or national authorities’ instructions.

The COST Association recommends checking regularly the information and advice given on the respective national Ministries’ websites (available in local languages).

Let's cast a vote for our young ECI Action member Claudia Martins!

Submitted by Prof Sabrina Pricl on Wed, 19/02/2020 - 17:53

Dear COSTers,

our young ECI Action member, Claudia Martins from Portugal, who was already awarded an ECI prize at the 1st CA17140 Conference in Riga, is participating in a competition with a video focused on cancer nanomedicine.

The video is available at:

Let's Claudia help  gaining some votes so she can win this further competition. The link for vote casting is given in the video description.

Good luck, Claudia, and fingers crossed!

BIODENDRIMER 2020, September 13-16, Dresden, Germany

Submitted by Prof Sabrina Pricl on Fri, 14/02/2020 - 15:03
Biodendrimer 2020

Dear COSTers,

our Action member Dietmar Appelhans and all organizers of the upcoming BIODENDRIMER 2020 - 7th International Symposium on Biomedical Applications of Dendrimers cordially invite you all to attend to this important event for our community.

All preliminary information can be found in the flyer downloadable from this page and from the Conference website at

Looking forward to meeting you all in Dresden!


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